Tuesday, June 08, 2010

New PS Tutorial - Layer Panel and Keyboard Shortcuts

It's Tuesday, and that means a new tip, even if it is a bit late! (The movers went through this weekend, and today we got the last of the new cupboards installed. They are coming to put in the phones tomorrow, and the handyman is coming round to do more work on the new house on Thursday - it's been a bit hectic.)

But the Tutorial is ready now! Learn how to slash your production time in Photoshop by using keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the Layer Panel. Add new layers, move them around, change which ones are selected, change blending modes, change layer opacity, and more; all from the keyboard! (Yes, they are all standard shortcuts, which means they are in your copy of PS unless you've removed them. You don't need to make any new ones to do all of this!)

This is part one of two; there simply wasn't enough time to show you guys all the things I wanted you to see! So next week, I'll do part two, and show you how to make clipping masks, groups, delete layers, and more!

Until then, hope you like this, and find it helpful!

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