Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last Tutorial in the Custom Shapes series

The five-tutorial set about Custom Shapes in Photoshop ends this week with one last lesson about Vector Masks.

Learn how to use Vector Masks in tandem with Layer Masks, how to pull paths out of a vector mask to use elsewhere, and how to make your vector masks "pop" using Layer Styles. Hope you like it!

I'm seriously thinking about skipping the tutorial next week, if no one objects. I've been doing one a week every week since December, except the week we moved, and I really feel like I need a tiny vacation.

By the way, if there's something you'd really like to find out about in Photoshop, let me know! I'll be starting the tutorials back up after next week, and I'm always open to suggestions. (I might do one on the Line tool, which it seems a lot of people can't even find!)

Till next time!

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