Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Photoshop Tutorial - Type Tricks 2

The second tutorial about embellishing live type in Photoshop!

This one starts where the last left off, and covers adding a mask to one of the clipped layers, to fade the effect in, and changing the Blending Mode of the effect. Then we learn how to change the color of type, and how to get the gradient that we thought we were going to get with the layer style in the first video, except the Layer Style Dialog wouldn't allow it.

Finally, we learn how to use Hue and Saturation or Free Transform to tweak gradients and masks that have already been applied.

Next week, we'll finish this series by applying a mask directly to the type, and reminding you all that just because you can add all this stuff to type doesn't mean that you should. :D


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Photoshop Tutorial - Type Tricks 1

This week, at the request of one of my viewers, I'm starting a new series about type in Photoshop.

We're starting by applying a Layer Style, and then editing that style to get exactly what we want. Next I'll show you how to make it look like the type is "ghosted" so you can see the background through it, while keeping the style at 100% opacity.

After that come a couple of tricks so you can change the font without scrolling through the menu, and use all caps without having to retype titles that are mixed upper and lower case.

Finally, we start to explore layered fonts; putting a the background into the letters so you can invert it, putting another image into the letters, and using filters on the pictures in the letters.

Next time, we'll have a lot more about that, and perhaps branch into other things.

Until then, enjoy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Photoshop Tutorial - The Line Tool

I'm back, much refreshed from my week off, with a new Photoshop tutorial. This time, it's all about the Line Tool.

A friend of mine thought that there was no way to make simple straight lines in Photoshop.

So I did this tut, to show her that there's a tool that not only makes straight lines in any thickness you could possibly want, using any unit of measure you're likely to need, but it can put arrowheads on the lines, and you can edit the arrowheads to give them a bit of character.

With a little work, you can even make the arrows curved!

Since the Line Tool is one of the Shape Tools, and I show you how to curve it by editing the path in the Vector Mask of a Shape Layer, this really fits in very well with the series just completed, too.

Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New stuff for Second Life®

There's not a new video tutorial this week, but I used the time to get a lot of things done in Second Life!

I got some bracelets finished, to go with the candy necklaces!

Just like the necklaces, to "bite" a piece off, you just touch it. The piece vanishes, and the bracelet announces who took a piece from whose bracelet, and what color it was. So you can have "wars" and try to bite candy from your friend's jewelry while protecting your own. (Hint; Dancing makes it much harder to get you.)

They're in my stores now, and also on XStreet. You can buy them as a set, or get the pieces separately.

I also finished the flip flops that I've been working on. The vendors, as always, took slightly longer than the product itself. I have to figure out a way around that!

These are basic sculpted flip flops, in 13 designs ranging from plain through checkers, stripes, swirls, and polka-dots, and into footprints and the Vitruvian Man! All black graphics on white, so they look gorgeous when you color them in eye-bleeding summer colors!

They're ready to go for kids (size 0) and for adult feet. Instructions are included if you need to resize them to fit you. You can find them at the Robin Wood AV Store, all Kick the Can stores, and also on XStreet; and you can buy a single pair, or a fat pack with the whole baker's dozen.

Besides all that, I've been swimming a lot; so I'm feeling much refreshed, and ready to make another tutorial next week, and more things for SL™ and my website!

I'll keep you posted!