Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Photoshop Tutorial - The Line Tool

I'm back, much refreshed from my week off, with a new Photoshop tutorial. This time, it's all about the Line Tool.

A friend of mine thought that there was no way to make simple straight lines in Photoshop.

So I did this tut, to show her that there's a tool that not only makes straight lines in any thickness you could possibly want, using any unit of measure you're likely to need, but it can put arrowheads on the lines, and you can edit the arrowheads to give them a bit of character.

With a little work, you can even make the arrows curved!

Since the Line Tool is one of the Shape Tools, and I show you how to curve it by editing the path in the Vector Mask of a Shape Layer, this really fits in very well with the series just completed, too.

Hope you enjoy it!


Reina Benoir said...

Not anything to do with the line tool but I've heard that with the newer versions of Photoshop you can work on the lower and upper textures of a shirt at the same time using the 3d tools. Is this possible?

Robin Wood said...

Hi Reina!

You certainly can! You just paint directly on the model; the program takes care of putting things where you paint, on the active layers of any visible materials. Which, yes, means both the top and bottom of the jacket.

If you'd like to see it in action, I have a series of tutorials using PS CS4 on my website, starting with Opening a 3D .obj file


(You can also paint directly on the model in Blender, and in several other applications. But I have to admit, I much prefer doing it in PS.)

Photoshop Clipping Path said...

Stunning! Very well done!

Robin Wood said...

Thanks! I was surprised how popular this one is; I didn't realize that many people didn't know how to use the Line Tool. :D