Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Photoshop Tutorial - Type Tricks 1

This week, at the request of one of my viewers, I'm starting a new series about type in Photoshop.

We're starting by applying a Layer Style, and then editing that style to get exactly what we want. Next I'll show you how to make it look like the type is "ghosted" so you can see the background through it, while keeping the style at 100% opacity.

After that come a couple of tricks so you can change the font without scrolling through the menu, and use all caps without having to retype titles that are mixed upper and lower case.

Finally, we start to explore layered fonts; putting a the background into the letters so you can invert it, putting another image into the letters, and using filters on the pictures in the letters.

Next time, we'll have a lot more about that, and perhaps branch into other things.

Until then, enjoy!


Photoshop Clipping Path said...

Wow, So many great.

Robin Wood said...

Thanks! I'm glad that you are enjoying them. :D