Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New stuff for Second Life®

There's not a new video tutorial this week, but I used the time to get a lot of things done in Second Life!

I got some bracelets finished, to go with the candy necklaces!

Just like the necklaces, to "bite" a piece off, you just touch it. The piece vanishes, and the bracelet announces who took a piece from whose bracelet, and what color it was. So you can have "wars" and try to bite candy from your friend's jewelry while protecting your own. (Hint; Dancing makes it much harder to get you.)

They're in my stores now, and also on XStreet. You can buy them as a set, or get the pieces separately.

I also finished the flip flops that I've been working on. The vendors, as always, took slightly longer than the product itself. I have to figure out a way around that!

These are basic sculpted flip flops, in 13 designs ranging from plain through checkers, stripes, swirls, and polka-dots, and into footprints and the Vitruvian Man! All black graphics on white, so they look gorgeous when you color them in eye-bleeding summer colors!

They're ready to go for kids (size 0) and for adult feet. Instructions are included if you need to resize them to fit you. You can find them at the Robin Wood AV Store, all Kick the Can stores, and also on XStreet; and you can buy a single pair, or a fat pack with the whole baker's dozen.

Besides all that, I've been swimming a lot; so I'm feeling much refreshed, and ready to make another tutorial next week, and more things for SL™ and my website!

I'll keep you posted!

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