Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mary Janes in SL™

If you're a resident of Second Life®, you probably know that shoes are very popular there.

Until recently, I never bothered with shoes, since I'm usually barefoot in both worlds. But I decided that I wanted to have some for an outfit I was working on, and, well... turns out that shoes are really interesting to make!

So, although the outfit is still on the back burner, I now have several kinds of shoes available for sale in SL.

I just finished making Mary Janes for little girls.

These are original sculpts, made in modo and imported through Blender, and then carefully textured.

They have textured soles, realistic silver buckles, stitching, and an eyelet border at the top edge of the toe. Inside, they have hearts sprinkled on the lining, and my logo on the insole. Included in the purchase is a Base Shoe, a v2 Alpha Layer, and instructions. There's a really easy to use resize script in a single prim that resizes the entire shoe, so it's a snap to get a perfect fit.

I made 8 colors of the Patent Leather shoes. You can get them individually for L$150, or you can buy the Fat Pack (shown above) for L$1050. That's 8 pairs for the price of 7! Available now in in the Girl's section of the Kick the Can Main Store. Come try on a demo!

You can also get the black ones, the navy ones, or the Fat Pack at the new SL Marketplace.

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