Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New Stuff for Second Life®

If you're a Resident of Second Life, you might be interested in a couple new things that I finished recently!

First is Halloween Chucks, to complete your Halloween outfit in style!

Designs range from piles of Halloween candy, to candy corn, to Black Jack the Halloween cat (shown) and on to spiderwebs in four colors with a realistic orange and black spider on the heel. (Not for arachnophobes, but nice and spooky for everyone else!) L$150 a pair, Transfer Only. There's a 1 prim resize script included so you can get a perfect fit.

Come check them out, and try a free demo! You can find all the spooky goodness at Kick the Can Main Store, and at Robin Wood AV Store.

I also finished some white jeans yesterday. People have been asking for them, and now you can have them!

I mean, sure, it's after Labor Day here, but Spring is just starting for our neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere!

There are Good Jeans, Plain Pocket, or Worn Jeans (shown) in white, with a choice of six different thread colors. Available individually for L$50, or in Fat Packs with all of that type of jean in every thread color for L$225. Mod, Copy, no Transfer; so if you get the white ones, you can make them any color you can imagine!

Get them now at the Robin Wood AV Store, in the same area as the other jeans.


Ann Brundige said...

Robin, I took your Bryce 5 course 'way back when, and have since then benefited from so many of your tutorials in PhotoShop. I appreciate you posting the old Bryce course lessons, which I've just recommended to a educator who was interested. Yes, it's out of date, but actually everything in the course still is applicable. They've added some new features that won't be found in the course, but it's still the best computer course I've ever seen! Anyhow, profound thanks for all the tutorials. You've been a catalyst for projects that have benefited many, many people, including the special ed students I write activities for.

Robin Wood said...

Awww... thanks, Ann! I'm glad that you find it all helpful. :D