Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lots of new stuff for Second Life®

This has been a busy week in SL™ !

Redd Columbia is sponsering a ThanksGIVING Food Market in Salchicha Harbor which benefits the World Food Programme.

She's built a beautiful barn, all strung with lights, and put tables, benches, and things inside like a farmer's market. Then she invited everyone who wants to participate to put out food related items. Anything, really, just so long as it is connected to food in some way. Everyone is also giving a percentage from their sales to WFP.

I made a new Harvest tea set, some red Mary Jane shoes with a bow and a peppermint, and some Holiday Candy Chucks. I'm also selling seven other things that I already had that happen to have food on them, or actually be food!

While I was at it, I made the Mary Janes in a few other colors, too. I hope to get them up on the Marketplace after I'm finished recording the Tutorial tomorrow.

Then, while unpacking a box of stuff (yes, we're still doing that most days) I came across Michael's old propeller baseball cap, and just had to bring that into SL! I already had the cap, so all I had to do was the propeller, really. Those should be coming out sometime this week.

Which gives me more stuff than I can fit in the Kick the Can store as it stands now, so I'm going to be adding another floor to it! I designed it to do that, way back when, so it's not going to affect the outside. But it'll almost double the room that I have to work with inside. Tomorrow I'll get some shelves done for all the shoe boxes, and then I'll be making the changes live in world!

So... lots done, and lots still to do! But at least it's all fun. :D

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