Monday, January 03, 2011

Argyle Socks in SL™!

It's been a busy couple of months, and I'm afraid that I haven't found time to blog very much. But I have gotten a fair amount done, and now that "Santa Season" is over, I should have more time to tell everyone what I'm doing!

During November and December I made several new kinds of foot ware for Residents of Second Life®, so if you spend time in-world (as we say) don't forget to check out the store! The Gift Box will be up for another few days, so if you haven't stopped and grabbed yours, you might want to do that! It's out at Livingtree center, and a few other places on the island until Jan. 6.

Most recently, I've been making Argyle Socks. I figured I was making all these shoes, I really should make some socks to go with them!

Made with remapped UVs, which were then burned onto the SL UVs, so there are no seams! No seams on the sides, no seams on the foot, no seams around the ankle (although it is a bit rough, because of the way the Avatar is made, this isn't noticable from normal viewing distances.)

There are a dozen different color packs, with 5 sock lengths in each pack. So you can choose to wear short socks, knee socks, over knee, thigh high, or tights! Each one also comes on both the Tattoo layer (for people using V2 compatible viewers) and the sock layer, for maximum layering versatility.

You can buy one pack (that's five pair, remember) for $L125, or you can get the fat pack with all 12 pair for $1250. That's 12 pair for the price of 10! Come and see them at the Robin Wood AV Store on Livingtree, at Kick the Can kid's store (on the second floor, near the shoes) or get the Fat Pack from the Marketplace. You'll love them!

Next up, I'm going to make some solid colors, on the off chance that you have something that won't look simply stunning with argyle, and some Mary Janes with color-changing bows. Should be great!


ReinaB said...

Revamped UV? Has there been a new one put out?

Robin Wood said...

No; but if you are using a 3D program that allows you to have multiple UV Maps, and most do at this point, then you can make as many new UV Maps as you want, and set them up any way you like.

You apply the texture using your new map, and then you simply burn it onto the LL Avatar map, and you're good to go! ("Burning" means that you render the texture from one map onto the other one. It's done differently in different apps.)

So I remade the Lower Body UVs in Luxology's modo so that the front and back of the leg were one piece, the foot was attached to the ankle, and the map was as wide as the seamless texture. I used that for the argyle texture; so it's truly completely seamless.

When that's burned to the LL Avatar map you wind up with seamless stockings!

Quite a bit of work to set up, but once done it's done, which is why I can afford to sell the socks for a reasonable price.

Hope this explains it a bit better!


ReinaB said...

That's interesting and frankly more thorough than I expected thank you.

I can barely manage blender but it's in my price range. I take it this is something you have to do before you start painting in Photoshop?

Robin Wood said...

Yeah. If you want to do the painting in PS, then you'd remap, paint, take it back into Blender, and burn the textures onto the SL maps.

I don't use Blender very much, myself, but I know that there are Blender classes taught at Builder's Brewery (that's an SL Group, if you're not familiar with it.) You don't need to be a member of the Brewery to attend classes, either. Just go to the sim (Builder's Brewery) and check the board for times and place.