Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Mary Janes in Second Life®

If you're a female SL™ Resident, and you like flats, you're going to love these new Mary Janes with classic grosgrain ribbon bows on the toe top!

These are Robin's original sculpt; it's been copied, but never equaled. (And no one has even tried to copy the sumptuous polished leather texture.) Now it comes with a gorgeous bow, also an original sculpt, to make it even dressier.

Touch the knot on the bow to get a series of menus that let you choose from among 25 colors for the bow, and either silver tone or brass for the buckle.

Touch anywhere else on the shoe to get a very low-lag resize script that lets you easily get a perfect fit.

The shoe also comes with a Base shoe, so that your foot will look great in it, and an Alpha Layer (V2 compatible client needed) that will hide any part of your foot not covered by the shoe. No more poke outs!

There are eight colors of shoe; Black Licorice, Chocolate (rich brown), Chocolate Cherry (oxblood), Red Licorice, Navy, Forest Green, Cotton Candy (pink), and White Sugar. The bow colors range from soft to bright, dark to light, and include a range of warm and cool colors, as well as white, gray, and black.

Come try on a demo at Kick the Can (upstairs, right in front of the railing for now) or see them on the SL Marketplace (link goes to the Black Licorice.)

In other news, I'm also working on furniture in SL, just for fun. It'll be in Tompta's Cabin, on the corner of Livingtree, when it's finished. (I'll post a link then, although you're more than welcome to go and explore it now!) Right now, I'm working on a bed that has lots of sleeping, sitting, talking, and reading poses, (and no sex) for single people and kids! I hope you'll like it.

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