Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Photoshop Tutorial - Brushes 3 - Scattering

The holidays are over, and I'm getting back to what passes for my normal life. So, since it's Tuesday, there's a new tutorial.

We're continuing the series about brushes in Photoshop CS4 that we started before the break.

First, I show you how to adjust the parameters for the Wacom stylus, to get maximum responsivity for the way your hand is working when you make the adjustments. Since this can change from day to day, it's not a bad idea to check this every day, or at least every time that the brush doesn't seem to be behaving the way you expect it to.

Then we go on to explore the various Scattering parameters. You'll learn what the Count is, how enabling Both Axes affects the Scattering, what Count Jitter does, and how the various Controls work to control the scatter and count jitter.

Hope you enjoy it!

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