Saturday, February 05, 2011

I've Started Making Furniture for Second Life®

If you're a resident of SL™, you might be interested to know that I've started to make furniture! My first set is available now!

It's an Art Deco conversation/reading corner, with two chairs, an occasional table with a vase of plumeria, a fashion magazine, and a pulp murder mystery, and an oval rug.

The chairs have been totally remapped, so that the stunning vintage Art Deco fabric isn't distorted anywhere. There are two comfortable pillows, one with a plain yellow case, and one in green damask that echos the pattern on the chairs. Each has seven poses for adults, and 10 for kids and smaller avatars, in the chair cushions. These range from poses for conversations, to reading, to meditation. (Kids get more because of the relatively larger chair size compared to their bodies.) In addition there are four poses in the arms, for perching. Because there are poses in both cushion and arm, 2 avatars can use the chair at the same time! Each chair has six prims total, including the shadow prims below them.

The table is an original sculpt, based on a gorgeous asymmetrical Art Deco table found in RL. It has maple curves that repeat the curves in the chair upholstery, balanced with chrome pillars and a black glass top. It was all made in modo, and shadows, highlights, and reflections have been baked in for an amazingly realistic feel. All of it comes to only 5 prims, including the shadow.

On the table is an original stepped and twisted vase, once again modeled from a RL Art Deco vase, with a lovely sunset glaze. It's filled with Arctic Greenhouse plumeria in soft shades of yellow. The vase with flowers adds up to 12 prims.

Also on the table is a copy of Vague magazine (because you need humor) and a pulp mystery titled Murder in Bay City. Touch the book, and you'll get a readable copy that is an original sculpt as well. You can even read the open pages, if you can figure out where to look for them! (The resolution doesn't allow you to read them from the book, but they are ... somewhere.) Each book is a single prim.

Finally, it's all pulled together and complemented with an oval rug, also a single original sculpt with no alpha, that reprises the design in the green pillows, bordered with the sunset colors from the vase.

Total prim count for the whole set, including the wearable book, comes to just 33. Transfer only.

You can see the set, and buy individual pieces, at Robin's store in world or buy it from the Second Life Marketplace. The whole set is L$550 for a limited time. Prices on individual pieces vary, and range from L$200 for a chair to L$50 for the rug. Come take a look! You'll be glad you did.


Loren said...

Looks very awesome, now I just gotta figure out what to throw outta the house so I can free up a corner for it!

Fogwoman Gray said...

Art Nouveau furniture, pretty pretty please :)
I love the table in your Firebird print!

Robin Wood said...

Ummm.. we'll see. That might have to wait until we have Mesh. Depending on how mesh is implemented.

And thanks! But I'm afraid that table would be way too primmy in SL. :D

Robin Wood said...

Thanks, Loren! I'm glad you like it.