Sunday, March 06, 2011

Second LIfe® Special for March 6

If you happen to be an SL™ resident, Robin just finished a beautifully detailed wooden shelf, with curved brackets and a stunning backboard that boasts 2 pegs and a heart shaped cut out between them. It also has baked on shadows that are continued on the accurate shadow prim. All this, in only 3 prims! (One for the shelf, one for the pegs, and one for the shadow.)

To celebrate the shelf, the coming of spring, and the successful renovation of her new store, Robin in Bay City, she has paired the shelf with a ceramic pitcher with a lovely blue-speckled glaze that's filled with a bouquet of seven bright spring tulips, and is selling the group for L$120 for Sunday, March 6, only!

Or you can purchase the shelf for L$75, and the pitcher full of tulips for L$100, if you only want one of them. :D

Come and see, at The Home & Garden Store or Robin in Bay City. Or just come and see the new store!