Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Gatcha Festival in Second Life®

There's a gadget called a Gatcha in SL™. It consists of a scripted machine that gives you a random object when you pay a certain amount, like the candy and toy machines in the front of grocery stores all over the US. You never know which of the various "prizes" you'll get, and that adds to the fun.

They are very popular, and Albero, one of the more successful malls in world, has a "Gatcha Festival" four times a year to celebrate the seasons.

Since I now have a booth in this mall, I'm in the Spring Gatcha Festival.

I have two machines up, filled with socks in bright spring colors.

One has four colors of argyle socks, and some rare tie-dye socks.

The second has four pairs of socks in different spring color gradients, and some rare polka-dot socks.

Each color is in the machine as tights, over-the-knee socks, and knee socks. That's 15 different packs in each machine. Each pack has its pair as both regular socks (or socks and underpants for the tights) and a Tattoo layer for people using V2 compatible browsers.

They are all mod/transfer, in keeping with the nature of Gatcha machines. So you can trade them with your friends if you got the one they were dying for, or vice versa.

All this for just L$25 a try! You can find them in the Event Area in Hyssop.

After the Festival is over, the price will revert to L$150 for a pack with all the lengths, and copy/mod permissions. So if you want to see how gorgeous and seamless these socks are, this is your chance to get a pair for less!

Hope to see you at the festival!

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Argus Collingwood said...

Fun Fun event!! <333