Friday, June 17, 2011

Wicker Furniture for Second Life®

It's summer! Time for outdoor living. If you're a resident of SL™ you can make your outdoors as elegant and comfortable as indoors, with my new Wicker Patio Set.

It's available in either white wicker with rose cushions and pillows, and a Rose Garden teapot, (shown above), or in espresso dark brown wicker, with green cushions and pillows with a leaf motif, and a Green Willow teapot (shown below.)

Either way, you get two chairs with multiple seats in the cushions and arms (so each chair seats 2 people, and it doesn't matter if one has a tail or long, trailing wings.)

You also get an interactive teapot that gives unlimited cups of tea and plates of petit fours. If the owner (or anyone in the owner's group) touches the handle, the teapot will start to steam gently. Touch it again, and the steam vanishes.

There are two cups, and two sets of spoons and napkins on the table. The cups have a group touch that will fill them with the tea of your choice. The napkins have one that lets you change the embroidery.

(The tea things are all original sculpts from my popular tea sets.)

The teapot, cup and saucers, and napkins and spoons are all separate items, so you can control your prims by Taking them into Inventory, or leaving them out. The baked on shadows in the embroidered cutwork doily change via a menu so you have the right ones for what you choose to have on the table.

The table itself is an original sculpt that gives you tons of detail in only 3 prims. Like the chairs, its shadow prim is a separate piece, so you can choose to have it, or not.

On the bottom shelf of the table is a book of Fairy Tales. Touch the book to get an original sculpted book that attaches to your left hand. It doesn't have an animation in it, because it's meant to read while using the "reading" animation in the chair. But it does have an original retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" by Robin Wood.

All together, a lot of grace and beauty for only 34 prims! No Mod/No Copy/ Transfer only. L$650. On sale now on the SL Marketplace or at the overflow for the Home and Garden Show on Livingtree. If you want to see the Espresso in world, I have a set out at the Pergola on Livingtree. Come take a look!

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