Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New PS Tutorial - Other Dynamics; Opacity and Flow

It's been a very long time since I was up to doing a Photoshop Tutorial for YouTube, but I finally was able to do one!

I'm continuing the Brushes in Photoshop series. This one covers the last thing "above the bar" in the Brushes Panel; Other Dynamics.

In order to really cover them, I also have to discuss the differences between Brush Opacity and Brush Flow, so if you've been wondering, it's there!

You'll also find the usual stuff about using the sliders and controls, in case this is the only Tutorial in the series that you've seen.

Next time, we'll cover the stuff below the bar, which should all fit in one lesson. And then we can (finally) talk about how to make your very own custom brushes!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Oh, and for those who are having trouble hearing it, yes, I know it's a problem. The difficulty is that if I turn my mic up above the half-way point I get a horrible humming like an angry hornet. To solve that, we're building a studio in the basement, and will be getting a new mic. It's a bit of an expense, so I'm also looking into Voice Over work to justify it. Or.. ummm.. if you want to contribute via the PayPal buttons on the tutorial pages of my website...


Bomboloni said...

Hi Robin!
I just wanted to say thank you for all these fantastic PS-tutorials you have done until now - and i hope that many of them will follow!
In the beginning, when i started making clothes for SL, i encountered the probably most basic problem of all - how in christ's sake do i make an alpha channel?? I found a lot of different explanations and "tutorials" on the internet, but all of them had one thing in common: they brought more confusion than enlightenment LOL! In the end i contented myself with saving everything as png files, but have never really been satisfied with the outcome, with blurry edges and all. Then, one day not too long ago, it happened that i found your tutorial about the white halo and how to correct this issue - and along with this tutorial came the perfect explanation how to make an alpha channel in a tga file. Just when i had lost my hopes to learn it one day, i literally stumbled across the perfect tutorial! And therefore i wanted to say: Thank you so much, you made me a much better fashion designer for SL than i had been, before i found your website ;))
You're really great - and you do a fabulous job!
Sending my greetings from Austria, cheers

Robin Wood said...

Hi Bomboloni!

Thanks so much! I'm very glad that you found the tutorial helpful. Hearing things like this makes my day.