Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mesh in Second LIfe®

Mesh came to SL™ last week. For those not familiar with it, that means that, for the first time, we can now upload models that we make in other 3D applications directly to SL, with their UV Maps and everything else intact.

It's a huge change, and like all other changes in SL, it's not without controversy and confusion. To help alleviate some of that, I've made a mesh object for people to experiment with, and 3 videos to help explain how to work with it.

The first one talks about what mesh is, what Prim Equivalency is, what LOD is (and how to adjust the LOD you see using renderVolumeLODfactor,) what UV Maps are, and how to save a texture from SL onto your own hard drive.

The second one explains how to use the UV Map to easily put a texture on the plant stand.

The third one shows how to bring your finished textures back into SL, and put them back on the model.

If you are an SL resident, and you want to try playing with the plant stand yourself, you can get it at the SL Marketplace.


New Photoshop Tutorial - Brushes 10 - Organizing Your Brushes

Another Tuesday, another Photoshop Tutorial!

This time, we finish up the series about brushes in Photoshop CS4 and earlier with a discussion about how to make a brush from a color image, using either a Black & White Adjustment Layer, or Lab color, to get the values you want for your brush.

I'll also show you how to easily copy the settings from one brush preset to another one.

Finally, we'll talk about how to organize your brushes, save them so they show up in the Brushes menu, and save them so they won't; but you can find them easily.

Next time, I'm going to do something else, because I feel like all I've talked about for months and months is brushes! (Mostly because that's all I've talked about for months and months.) I'll get back to them, and do brushes in CS5, later.

If there's anything you're really curious about in Photoshop, let me know!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Tutorial; but a Busy Week!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry to say that Michael and I both got sick over the weekend, and I was congested yesterday and unable to film a new tutorial. So there's not going to be one this week.

However, I've been very busy with all kinds of other things, mostly in Second Life®, since I last posted.

First, I just opened a new store! It's on a new sim called "The Nest" which is a home and garden paradise; a lot of the best known and most highly respected furniture designers in SL have shops there. I've been trying to get a shop in a place that people come for furniture for some time, because people usually don't think of me as a place to go to get stuff for your home. Mostly because I haven't been making things like that for long.

But with mesh upon us, I really want to have a place to sell meshy goods, and now I do!

I wasn't early enough to get a spot on Main Street, but I did snag a shack with a porch in Shacktown, so I'm right there on the same sim. And, truthfully, the whole place is fascinating enough that I'm guessing a lot of people will walk around and look at all of it!

I'm pretty excited about this, as you might be able to tell, and have already started to make new things just to display here. For instance, I made a quilt that drapes over the railing, because the shack really needed brightening up! You can see it in the picture below.

It's only L$75, mod/transfer and is also available from my main Home and Garden Store on Livingtree.

I've also made a new snack cooler, although it's more for Fireworks and things than for the new store. (I am selling it there, though!)

It's with packed 14 different snacks and 21 beverages in 5 categories; Healthy Snacks, Sweet Snacks, Soda Pop, Juice, and Milk. If you touch the cooler, you get a menu that lets you choose the category you want, but the actual food you get is random, which is more fun!

You can also sit on the cooler. There are 9 poses to let you do that. Touch the handle to change pose.

It's only 2 prims, L$300, transfer only, and is available from Home and Garden Store on Livingtree, my new Home and Garden store at the Nest and on the Marketplace.

Come and check it out at one of the stores!

And do come see the new store, Robin's Home and Garden at the Nest.

For this week, I'm playing with quilts. There should be some new ones out in time for Fireworks, with poses, pillows and small coolers. If all goes according to plan, they'll seat 3, and should come in at about 5 prims.

Now I'm going to go play with Electric Quilt for a while. Till next time!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

New Photoshop Tutorial - Brushes 9 - Making Your Own

It's Tuesday again, and in spite of being a bit hoarse, I managed to make another video tutorial yesterday so there's a new one up!

This week we continue the series about brushes in Photoshop with a lesson about making your own brush!

We start with a short discussion about setting up the workspace to make a new brush, and capturing a brush tip shape. Then we'll explore how to save your new brush as both a Brush Preset and a Tool Preset. Finally, we look at the differences between the two types of preset, and talk about how to choose which one to use.

Next week, we'll finish up this series with a lesson about organizing your growing brush collection, and how (and where) to save Brush Sets.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Photoshop Tutorial - Brushes 8 - Below the Line

It's Tuesday again, and although the new studio we're building isn't totally finished yet, I do have a new mic setup. So I did another tutorial! I think you guys will like the clearer, louder sound.

This time, we finish up the rest of the Brushes Panel in CS4 and earlier by taking a look at all the things that are "below the line." These have no parameters; they are simple toggles that control Noise, Wet Edges, Airbrush, Smoothing and Protect Texture.

We'll also discuss the locks next to each category in the panel, and find out what they do, and how they work. (Hint, they don't keep you from freely changing all the parameters associated with that category!)

Next time, we'll finally be talking about how to make and save your own brushes, and that will finish up brushes in CS4.