Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New Photoshop Tutorial - Brushes 8 - Below the Line

It's Tuesday again, and although the new studio we're building isn't totally finished yet, I do have a new mic setup. So I did another tutorial! I think you guys will like the clearer, louder sound.

This time, we finish up the rest of the Brushes Panel in CS4 and earlier by taking a look at all the things that are "below the line." These have no parameters; they are simple toggles that control Noise, Wet Edges, Airbrush, Smoothing and Protect Texture.

We'll also discuss the locks next to each category in the panel, and find out what they do, and how they work. (Hint, they don't keep you from freely changing all the parameters associated with that category!)

Next time, we'll finally be talking about how to make and save your own brushes, and that will finish up brushes in CS4.


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