Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now Open - a Zazzle store!

Last week, while trying to print out a Robinton print, I had a real debacle with the printer. (Suffice it to say it took five hours of fussing with it to get a decent print.) So I decided to stop printing things myself, and instead move the print side of the store to Zazzle.

There are some real advantages to this. The Zazzle prints aren't signed, of course, but they can do the work much less expensively than I can, and can also print much larger prints! So you can get a print that's the size of the original painting (17x22 inches), on Matte Heavyweight paper, for only a few dollars more than it would cost to buy an 8.5x11 inch print from me. You can even get one for less, if you want to use other paper.

By default they don't come matted; but you can have them framed if you want to.

And, of course, as long as I'm doing this, I'm making the pictures available on lots of other things as well. Like cards, postcards, buttons, iPhone cases, and so on. (If there's an image you really want to see on something I haven't put it on, let me know, and I will.)

I'm also trying a few mug designs that I originally made for Second Life®, just for fun. We've ordered one of those, and I'll let you know how they turn out.

So, right now, I have Robinton and Jaxom up on the Pern side of things, and Music Lover, Trinket, Firebird, and Songbirds up in the Fantasy store. And I have Boo!, since it's so close to Halloween.

On the SL™ side of things, I'm working on a batch of new sculpts that I'm going to be selling full perms for builders. So stay tuned! Lots of stuff coming up all over!