Saturday, November 17, 2012

SL™ December Arcade Gacha - Sneak Peek

I'm down with a bad case of flu, but still looking forward to The Arcade opening December 1 in Second Life®.

That's less than two weeks! Eeek!

For my gacha machine this time, I'm going to have plates to go on your wall. I have 8 of them done, and hope to have another 7 or 8 before the Festival opens. Five of them spell out a famous saying, if you look at them just right. The others are just for fun! (I'm particularly happy with the pi plate. Did you notice that it's square? Because π r, after all.)

More when I get them all done!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fall winds are blowing; The perfect time to set a Paper Airplane soaring into the sky!

If you're a resident of Second Life®, come try your luck at the new Paper Airplane Gacha machine at the R(S)W Main Store and see which of 8 designs lands on your desk!

The paper planes are 100% mesh, Mod/Transfer, and 1 LI each (or link two for 1 LI.) The designs range from plain graph paper or plain ruled paper, to a misprinted Music Lover print, plans for The Arts and Crafts Plant Stand, a printed page from the PDF of my short course on Critical Thinking, a sheet of stationary that I designed, and a practice page covered with feather designs for quilting.

There's also a plane made from a plain sheet of white paper. That one is Rare, because it includes the Shading Texture that will let you make your own paper plane from any image you like! (Instructions are included.)

The mesh is the same as the one that was in the gacha machine I had at The Arcade Gacha Festival from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 this year. That design was exclusive to The Arcade though, so I'm sorry if you missed it. These are all totally different.

Just L$50 a try, 100% Mesh, mod/transfer. Come and give it a whirl!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

If you're a resident of Second Life®, you might like to know that Robin has a new SubscribOMatic! So even if you don't have a group slot open, you can hear about it when she has a new product, special sale, hunt, or gacha festival.

Not only that, but you'll get at least 4 special gifts during the year, and quite possibly more than that! Right now, you can click the SubscribOMatic Kiosk at the R(S)W Main Store on Livingtree, or any of her other furniture stores, and get these lovely White Candlesticks as a welcome gift!

They're copy/mod, and there's a script that lets you light them (with or without Local Lights) blow them out, set them to Auto (so they light themselves at dusk, and extinguish themselves at dawn,) color them as a group or individually, and more.

They're mesh, so you'll need a mesh viewer, and only 3 LI for the set of three. Come take a look at  the Main Store now!

See you there!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If you're a builder in Second Life®, and you like sculpt kits, Robin has another kit done, and out in her in-world stores now!

This time, it's a lovely shelf, with a heart shaped cut out and graceful curves.

The shelf is one prim, the pegs are another, and the shadow it casts on the wall is a third. You can use as many or as few pieces as you like, of course, or mix and match them with other prims!

As always with Robin's sculpt kits, there's a Maker that lets you create the shelf from your own prims with a single click. You also get five shaded textures, ready to use, for shading the shelf with or without pegs. And you get a Test Texture that lets you see what part of the texture lands on which part of the shelf, in case you'd like to make your own texture.

All the textures and sculpt maps are full perm, so you can upload them to your own computer if you so desire. (You are given permission to do that in the license agreement.)

The included examples, of the shelf with and without pegs, are mod/copy.

Full instructions included (but it's so easy to use, you probably won't need them.)

L$500, from Robin's main store in Livingtree or the SL Marketplace. Come take a look!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Image of Table Set from the SL Marketplace

I've been working for Second Life® again, and I just finished a Hall Table set, all full of Meshy Goodness!

 It consists of 3 parts; the Table and Table Runner, the 3 Candle Tray, and the 7 Frame Group.

The table has turned legs, a single drawer, chestnut veneer, and is enhanced with marquetry.

On the table is a quilted runner that lets you choose from seven fabric combinations with a click. You get one for each season, Christmas, Black & White, and Flamingos (for when you want to really brighten things up.)

The table and runner are two separate pieces, so if you want, you can remove the runner, or put it on a different table. (There are textures in the Instructions so you can remove the shadow of the runner on the table, as well.)

The candles are in a black tray filled with river pebbles. If you touch the tray, you can choose to light the candles (Local Lights or Fullbright,) blow them out, set them to Auto, add or remove glow, and so on. You can also recolor all three candles at once. Touch the individual candles to recolor them one at a time. There are lots of colors to choose from; but since they are mod you can really make them any color you like!

The textures change when the candles are lit, so they appear to glow from within, like real candles. The shadow on the pebbles and tray changes as well, and the shadow they cast on the table flickers. You won't find more realistic candles anywhere in SL.

The frame group lets you show off seven pictures for just one LI! You can leave the black and white Robin Wood Original photographs, or easily replace them with your own pictures. Just drag the one you want into the frame! (A ratio key and instructions are included, in case you want to avoid distortions.)

All pieces are copy/mod, no transfer. (Scripts are copy only.) The whole set is only 5LI, when the table, runner, and candles are linked, at the size given.

Come see a demo at Robin's Main Store on Livingtree.

If you just want to cut to the chase, you can go to the SL Marketplace, and buy the Hall Table Set. Or if you prefer, you can get the Table and Runner, the 3 Candle Tray or the 7 Frame Group by themselves,.

I'll think you'll like them!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Home & Garden Expo in Second Life®

I've been really busy lately with lots of new things; but for the past couple of months, a lot of my effort has been focused on the Home and Garden Expo in SL™. The Expo is run every year, to benefit Relay for Life. This is the first year I've been part of it. I have a small booth on the edge of a sim. If you're an SL Resident, please come and visit!
I've been doing a lot of Mesh Work, now that we can import models built in other programs into SL, and I have some new stuff that is totally meshy goodness. Low prim, beautifully detailed, and (for now) available only at the Expo.
Come check it out! You can play with the demos, buy individual bits, and take a look at the LI (which might surprise you.) I'm still doing some sculpt work, and you'll find a couple of new quilt designs, a bench with a sparrow that's full of birdsong, and a few other goodies there as well.
And, of course, since the entire event is to benefit Relay for Life, I've made two new items that are exclusive to the show just for the Relay. All proceeds from the sale of those items go to the Relay, so please take a look.
The Home & Garden Expo is running from May 19th to May 28th. See you there!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's Been a While...

It's been months since I blogged, because things have just been like that.

As some of you might know, I spent most of 2011 being quite sick. In October (sometime after my last blog post,) it became acute enough that I went to the doctor and had Many Tests. We finally got the results in December. The good news is that all the tests came back negative. Yay! The doctor said that it looks to him like I got a virus around this time last year, and then got another one before I had fully recovered from that one. After that, I was worn down, and just kept getting one thing after another, and never really getting over any of them.

So the end result is that I need to rest when I'm tired and really want to fall over, instead of pushing through the fatigue and just keeping on keeping on. Pretty much the opposite of what I had to do with the fibro. But it seems to be working. So hopefully I'll be doing better soon!

And now that that's taken care of, I get to tell you what I've been doing lately!

I have started to quilt! I don't know if I'll get good enough to sell any, but I'm having way more fun than I probably should.

I've been designing quilts in Electric Quilt for some time, and selling virtual quilts in Second Life®. But I decided that I wanted real ones; quilts I could actually hold, and cuddle up under.

So, I made a couple of pieced blocks to use on Christmas bags. (Let me know if you want to see pictures.) In the process, I learned that I really enjoy free-motion quilting!

Now I'm working on a quilt for my cat, to use as part of a cat bed. I designed it in EQ, and I'm part of the way through sewing it.

This is the design. I used the actual fabrics that I'm putting into the quilt for it, so I could see exactly what it was going to look like. I made a bunch of designs, but this is the one that Michael and I liked the best. (The others were variations of Jacob's Ladders, and would probably have been simpler. But ah well!)

I got all the fabric squares cut out, and made into 1/2 square triangle patches yesterday. Today I started to sew the blocks together. This is a single block.

And this is the four blocks that will be in this quilt, all finished, and laid out so I can see what the quilt top is going to look like.

It was at this point that I realized there's a mistake. If you look at the bottom right corner, which is nearly off the image, you'll see that the patch on the bottom row, second from the right, needs to be rotated 90° clockwise. Aarrgh!

And I was so careful, too! But apparently not careful enough.

However, I'm spent for tonight, so I'll be taking that corner apart and fixing it tomorrow. At least it's on the edge!

If any of you want the pattern for this block, please let me know in the comments. I'll get back to my normal work soon, but I thought you might like to see something that I'm doing just for fun!