Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Home & Garden Expo in Second Life®

I've been really busy lately with lots of new things; but for the past couple of months, a lot of my effort has been focused on the Home and Garden Expo in SL™. The Expo is run every year, to benefit Relay for Life. This is the first year I've been part of it. I have a small booth on the edge of a sim. If you're an SL Resident, please come and visit!
I've been doing a lot of Mesh Work, now that we can import models built in other programs into SL, and I have some new stuff that is totally meshy goodness. Low prim, beautifully detailed, and (for now) available only at the Expo.
Come check it out! You can play with the demos, buy individual bits, and take a look at the LI (which might surprise you.) I'm still doing some sculpt work, and you'll find a couple of new quilt designs, a bench with a sparrow that's full of birdsong, and a few other goodies there as well.
And, of course, since the entire event is to benefit Relay for Life, I've made two new items that are exclusive to the show just for the Relay. All proceeds from the sale of those items go to the Relay, so please take a look.
The Home & Garden Expo is running from May 19th to May 28th. See you there!

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