Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If you're a builder in Second Life®, and you like sculpt kits, Robin has another kit done, and out in her in-world stores now!

This time, it's a lovely shelf, with a heart shaped cut out and graceful curves.

The shelf is one prim, the pegs are another, and the shadow it casts on the wall is a third. You can use as many or as few pieces as you like, of course, or mix and match them with other prims!

As always with Robin's sculpt kits, there's a Maker that lets you create the shelf from your own prims with a single click. You also get five shaded textures, ready to use, for shading the shelf with or without pegs. And you get a Test Texture that lets you see what part of the texture lands on which part of the shelf, in case you'd like to make your own texture.

All the textures and sculpt maps are full perm, so you can upload them to your own computer if you so desire. (You are given permission to do that in the license agreement.)

The included examples, of the shelf with and without pegs, are mod/copy.

Full instructions included (but it's so easy to use, you probably won't need them.)

L$500, from Robin's main store in Livingtree or the SL Marketplace. Come take a look!

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