Saturday, October 20, 2012

Image of Table Set from the SL Marketplace

I've been working for Second Life® again, and I just finished a Hall Table set, all full of Meshy Goodness!

 It consists of 3 parts; the Table and Table Runner, the 3 Candle Tray, and the 7 Frame Group.

The table has turned legs, a single drawer, chestnut veneer, and is enhanced with marquetry.

On the table is a quilted runner that lets you choose from seven fabric combinations with a click. You get one for each season, Christmas, Black & White, and Flamingos (for when you want to really brighten things up.)

The table and runner are two separate pieces, so if you want, you can remove the runner, or put it on a different table. (There are textures in the Instructions so you can remove the shadow of the runner on the table, as well.)

The candles are in a black tray filled with river pebbles. If you touch the tray, you can choose to light the candles (Local Lights or Fullbright,) blow them out, set them to Auto, add or remove glow, and so on. You can also recolor all three candles at once. Touch the individual candles to recolor them one at a time. There are lots of colors to choose from; but since they are mod you can really make them any color you like!

The textures change when the candles are lit, so they appear to glow from within, like real candles. The shadow on the pebbles and tray changes as well, and the shadow they cast on the table flickers. You won't find more realistic candles anywhere in SL.

The frame group lets you show off seven pictures for just one LI! You can leave the black and white Robin Wood Original photographs, or easily replace them with your own pictures. Just drag the one you want into the frame! (A ratio key and instructions are included, in case you want to avoid distortions.)

All pieces are copy/mod, no transfer. (Scripts are copy only.) The whole set is only 5LI, when the table, runner, and candles are linked, at the size given.

Come see a demo at Robin's Main Store on Livingtree.

If you just want to cut to the chase, you can go to the SL Marketplace, and buy the Hall Table Set. Or if you prefer, you can get the Table and Runner, the 3 Candle Tray or the 7 Frame Group by themselves,.

I'll think you'll like them!

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