Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Windchild is up at Zazzle!

I have a new image up at my Zazzle store; it's Windchild!

This is a Runequest character, and was originally painted for Different Worlds (the house organ for Chaosium, which published Runequest at the time.)

It was supposed to be my first magazine cover; but when I turned it in, the art director told me that they were no longer putting random images on the covers. Now the cover had to have something to do with an article in the magazine. So I wrote a whole article about this race, including several more images, stats, and all kinds of other information.

When the magazine came out, and I got my contributor's copy, I was stunned to find a totally different image on the cover (which, by the way, had nothing to do with any of the articles.) My picture was moved inside, and became a tiny little image next to the article I'd written. At least it was in color!

My actual debut cover was Music Lover; and it didn't happen for another 3 years. But it's a much more popular image, so it all worked out!

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