Sunday, July 21, 2013

My first Mesh Kit for Second Life™

My first 100% mesh kit for SL® is out, and it's a fun one! If you are a resident of Second Life, you'll love this!

Seven flags hung from a tape, to celebrate, emphasize, or just for fun!

There's a bright and pretty white polka dot on solid color on each flag, for a summer rainbow, right out of the box. Or use the included UVs and shaders to make your own textures. It's easy!

I've even included a box that will download my layered .psd files to your hard drive when you touch it. You can open them up, see how I work in Photoshop, and use them to make applying your own textures to the flags a breeze!

Note that I have used Smart Objects to put your flag designs on the lowest LOD with just a few mouse clicks. You'll need Photoshop CS2 or later to use Smart Objects.

The string of flags is only a single Land Impact, and I've included examples for hanging across an opening or for hanging against a wall in the box.

There's more info, including a picture of the UV Map, on the SL Marketplace.

You can buy them now on the Second Life Marketplace or come see them on Livingtree, in SL now!

100% mesh, full perms, 1 LI, L$300.

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