Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Picnic Table for Second Life®

Robin is in the process of making a mesh of all the things that she's previously made in SL™. (As well as coming up with new things.)

As part of the mesh-making process, she's redone her Picnic Table!

Now it's only 4 LI for all four pieces (table, cloth, and 2 benches.)

There are still custom poses in the benches, with 3 sitting positions in each one, so the bench seats 3 if they are small or like to be really cozy, and 2 if they need a bit more room.

Scripts in each piece let you change the wood for the table and benches (choose from 6 colors) or the tablecloth pattern (choose from 20 designs.)

They're all copy/mod, so you can tint them, resize them, or add your own texture to the cloth. You can add your own texture to the wood, too; but it won't have the baked in shading and highlights of the current textures.

The tablecloth takes any square texture with no distortions or cropping, so it's perfect if you want to make your own special tablecloth designs.

For more info, or to buy one, check the listing on the SL Marketplace, or come see one at the R(S)W Main Store on Livingtree.

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